The clamp attachment has got all requirements of a modern and durable axle attachment. The advantages of this new attachment are that you do not have to weld anything to the axle beam (when fittet with centre piece). You can choose between attachments for mechanical and air suspensions (european patent). The installation is very simple and you will have an optimal connection between axle beam and the srping.  

Example for calculation of U-bolts length "L"
    mm spring support plate
h:   mm Height of spring incl. torque arm support
      (41 mm)
HA:   mm Height of axle incl. axle plates
    mm Thread length for fastening of lock nut
L:   mm Add up the sum U-bolt length are in 20 mm
      increments e.g.: 300, 320, 340 etc.
  B = 98 mm for spring width 100 mm  
      78 mm for spring width 80 mm  
  BB = drillin pattern (depend on type of axle)  
  L = length of U-bolt